Child Harasser Swallows Sim Card After Getting Caught – Watch The Video Here

Child sexual abuse and exploitation is one of the tabooed discussion topics that we all have been turning our faces away from since ages. We should be moving towards digging solution but unfortunately, we still are in denial that the problem exists.

See this horrible incident for instance. In the UK, vigilantes (a group of people who self-appoint themselves as a protector or working for some community cause) set up profiles of children to catch the pedophiles or child abusers.
Imran Ali tried to contact a 12-year-old girl and asked her to meet privately. He sent her explicit messages, texts and asked her to meet him. Imran was all set for meeting the girl, little did he know that his meeting was with one of the vigilantes instead of her.

What Imran did next actually left everyone in shock and disgusted. Being caught redhanded, he panicked and swallowed the sim card that included all the texts. His act not only exposed this horrible mindset but also reflected the power of common citizens if they are united.

Watch the video here:

This incident actually shows that if each and every part of the community realizes his responsibility and role, they can actually make a huge difference and decrease, if not eliminate, these inhumane practices.

That being said, there are a few red flags or warning signs of kid’s behavior that can help you recognize if someone you know is at the receiving end of harassment. Here are a few of them:

– Unusual sleep patterns (either sleeping a lot or too little)
– Drawing frightening pictures or expressing their aggression through writing
–  Sudden withdrawal and detachment from friends and family
–  Resisting meeting certain people and going to specific places
– Has new stuff with them (can be toys, food items, money)
– Signs of self-harm (cutting, burning)

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