Child Slavery In Pakistan: Child Maid Allegedly Brutally Beaten By Wife Of Member District Council

Tanzeela, 14, claims she was kept hungry for days, boiling hot water thrown on her. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Another horrifying incident of child slavery and abuse against domestic workers has been recognized in Sargodha, where child maid has been brutally beaten and thrown out of the house by her owners. 14 years old Tanzeela was employed at the house of Saeed Niazi, member of the district council, Sargodha. She was brutally beaten by Saeed’s wife and family members and thrown near a bus stop after her health deteriorated.

Tanzeela also complained that this isn’t the first incident of physical abuse and she was subjected repeatedly to physical beating. She was allegedly starved for days and beaten with sticks and pipes. She also says her employers would pour boiling water on her and burn her with iron.

The case has been registered against the accused culprits and authorities have sprung into action.

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The incident, however, has exposed the desperate situation and need for serious measures to be taken to curb the challenge of modern slavery and child labour in Pakistan. Among the 167 surveyed countries for severity of modern slavery, Pakistan stands at the third position currently.

Justice and Peace Commission Executive Secretary Hyacinth Peter says that Punjab and Sindh are hotspots for bonded labour.

“The sale and purchase of brick kiln labour have become a profitable job. Pakistan got freedom in 1947 but brick kiln labourers could not get freedom from bonded labour till today” – Peter added. 

Pakistan has not only failed to pass laws talking about social security of domestic workers but has also been unable to properly implement the existing laws against the worst exploitive behaviour of employers. Standing and stats show that a lot more needs to be done in this sphere.

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