Children Hit Hard By UK Coronavirus Variant In Punjab

Further segregation of the statistics unveils a problematic situation in Lahore.

Schools are scheduled to reopen in July. But how are we going to make this safe? - Pakistan - DAWN.COMMany teens and minors in Punjab have contracted the British-variant coronavirus during the last three months.

An official data shows a total of 19,367 under-18 children have tested positive for the virus since the outbreak of the infections in Punjab so far.

According to the report, 8,520 of them got infected during the first three months of the current year in the province.

Similarly, out of the total children infected in Punjab, 8,390 are from Lahore.

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Further segregation of the statistics unveils a problematic situation in Lahore.

It states that out of a total of 8,390 Covid-19 children in the city, 4,133 tested positive for the virus during the first three months of 2021.

Most children showed mild symptoms or had no symptoms, but some kids became severely ill after they were shifted to hospitals.

Medical experts believe that minor children and teens being shifted to hospitals with comorbidities might be at greater risk of severe illness.

They say the symptoms of Covid are similar in adults and children and can look like symptoms of other common illnesses such as fever, cough, flu, or allergies.

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According to official data, March 2021 remained troublesome as the virus-infected 2,357 children in Lahore, while the number was only seven for the same month of last year.

In February this year, 739 and in January 1,037 children contracted Covid.

As far as Punjab is concerned, figures show a record 4,830 under-18 children were declared Covid patients in March this year, and the number was 75 in the corresponding period of last year.

This number is the highest since the infection hit the province in March last year.

In February and January this year, 1,669 and 2,021 children tested positive for the virus, respectively, in Punjab.

The collective number of these two months was less than that reported in March.

In June last year, when the virus was at its peak, a total (second-highest number) of 2,875 under-18 children had tested positive.

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  • Please don’t blame Britain for spreading 3rd wave in teens & children in Pakistan … If its British Variant then with blessing of Allah it doesn’t infect children in Britain ? the reason is arrogant nature of Pakistani Nation … i was i Pakistan in Jan ,,no one cares about covid shops, markets , mosques, traffic ,, no one can stop covid to spread in such situation Allah reham karey Pakistan per .

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