China created ‘Human Miracle’ after eradicating extreme poverty

"A human miracle has been created that will go down in history,"- President Xi.

China declares complete victory against poverty

The President of China, Xi Jinping, has celebrated “complete victory” in the effort to eradicate rural poverty at a ceremony in Beijing to mark a signature initiative of his government.

The Chinese media praised Xi’s leadership for raising nearly 100 million people from poverty, a milestone he declared in December of 2020 and framed as a birthday gift for this year’s 100th anniversary of the ruling Chinese Communist Party.

While addressing the ceremony, Xi said, “The CCP’s leadership and China’s socialist system are the fundamental guarantees against risks, challenges, and difficulties.”

“No other nation can lift millions of people out of poverty in such a short time,” the President said, adding, “A human miracle has been created that will go down in history.”

Xi added that China had invested 1.6 trillion yuan in fighting poverty during the past eight years.

In a “No. 1 policy document” published on Sunday, China pledged to stick with its poverty alleviation strategies while making some arrangements for a five-year development towards what Beijing calls “rural revitalization.”

During the ceremony, a new National Rural Revitalization Bureau was set up, replacing an office for poverty alleviation and development that had been working since 1993.

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