China Developing One Of The World’s Highest Airport For Pakistan And It Does Not Go Down Well With India

China's decision to build an airport has once again exacerbated India's anxiety.


China has begun developing one of the world’s highest airports in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region close to its border with Pakistan Administered Kashmir. The airport is considered to be an important project for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

The Tashkargon Airport will be established at 3,252 meters above sea level, which could be one of the world’s highest airport, if not the highest.

With an investment of around $230 million, the new airport will include a 3,800 meters long runway, a terminal building, a control tower, and other auxiliary facilities involving power supply, fuel feeding, and fire rescue.

“It will generate a new ‘air passage’ leading to central Asia and South Asia,” says the Deputy Director of Xinjiang’s Civil Aviation Authorities.

The Tashkarogan airport is scheduled to be operational by June 2022.

Does not go down well with India


However, the move has not gone down well with India as the construction of the airport involves laying down permanent structures, including railway lines, highways, and energy projects in Pakistan. India considers this initiative as a violation against its sovereignty.

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  • hmm they arent constructing the airport for Pakistan. Airports are constructed for far off destinations, not somebody who is next door. They are making it for themselves so they can commute easily from eastern cost (Biejing Shangai etc ) to western border. There is no use case that would benefit Pakistan here. Fuck its even close to impossible to get the Chinese visa for Pakistanis (Personal experience, having visited more than 20 countries for work from EU, I couldnt get the Chinese visa because of extra document requirement for Pakistanis, which the host company from China couldnt even understand where to obtain from. Was the first time I was embarrassed for having green passport in fron of my EU colleagues)

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