China Launches ‘Anti Halal’ Campaign Against Muslims

China has very silently but systematically worked to handicap its Muslim Uighur minority, that is an overwhelming minority in China’s Xinjiang province.

By secretly putting them into ‘’re-education camps’’ – where Muslims are forced to eat pork and consume alcohol in an attempt to treat Islam as a mental illness to brainwashing Muslim children in school, stripping an entire generation off their Muslim identity – China has had the history of worst treatment towards their religious minority.

Now, China has formally launched an Anti-Halal campaign to curve extremism. The Communist Party leaders of Urumqi has launched this campaign to stop Islam from penetrating secular lives. Urumqi led cadres have sworn an oath to ‘’fight a decisive battle against ’pan-halalization’ ‘’. Previously, Muslims had products including foods and toothpaste that were produced in accordance with Islam law.

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China has faced heavy criticism from Human Rights groups and foreign governments for this discrimination and target against the Uighur Muslims but Beijing has denied the allegations. The country claims that it is not discrimination or violation of rights but they are only cracking down on extremism due to the threat of splitism in the region.

Official Global Times said that ‘’the demand that thinks the halal which cannot really be halal’’ was fuelling sentiments of hostility towards religion, allowing Islam to penetrate secular lives.

Theoretically, Chinese citizens are free but are being subjected to strict surveillance as the government makes efforts to bring religious worship under strict state control.

Communist party back in August issued a set of regulation setting strict measures and guidelines for its members’ behaviour, threatening for punishments and expulsion for those who clung to their religious beliefs.

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