China: Parents discipline 13-year-old daughter by dumping her on a deserted island

According to media reports, parents in China dumped their rebellious teenage daughter on a desert island to punish her. Sources state that the parents had to take such a tough disciplining decision because the girl wouldn’t stop acting like a child.

Here’s what we know about the incident till now:

The incident took place in Shandong, China. As per reports, the 13-year-old was saved from the empty piece of land in Shandong, China, after she caught the eye of a fisherman. The young girl then narrated her story and said:

I was taken to the deserted place by my parents, who were tired of my bad behavior. They said they wanted to teach me a lesson about hardship and adversity after my school kicked me out.

Reports further state that the island spreads over one kilometre². It has been deserted for many years and has no running water or electricity.

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    Pakistan is the worst…#AuratBill makes children specially girls make there parents to be left on deserted Desert…

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