Virus-stricken China provides 12,000 test kits, 10,000 protective suits to Pakistan to fight against Coronavirus

The number of reported cases in Pakistan are increasing continuously.

As the situation worsens, China has provided emergency assistance to Pakistan for COVID-19 control and prevention.

According to Ambassador Yao Jing, China has sent around 12,000 test kits, 10,000 protective suits, 300,000 masks and $4 million aid to build hospitals in Pakistan.

The number of reported cases in Pakistan are increasing continuously. 47 new coronavirus cases have been reported, increasing the tally to a total of 183.

So far, there have been 76 confirmed cases in Sukkur, Sindh. All of the patients recently travelled from Iran, by entering Pakistan from the Taftan border. 26 cases have been reported in Karachi and one in Hyderabad. Sindh, so far is the province with the most number of cases.

Around 19 people arrived in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa from the Taftan border, out of which 15 tested positive for the virus. These are the first confirmed cases in the province. The patients have been put in quarantine in an isolated facility in DI Khan.

The current tally:

There are currently 103 confirmed cases in Sindh, 15 in KP, 10 in Balochistan, three in Gilgit-Baltistan and four in Islamabad.

As a precautionary measure, Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered to close borders with Afghanistan and Iran. Only three airports – Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi – have been allowed to operate but with limited activity.

Public gatherings and schools have been closed and the on-going board exams have been postponed. Not only this, but a ban has been imposed on marriages, religious gatherings and any kind of social gathering. The Pakistan Day parade, which was to take place on 23rd March, has also been called off.

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