BREAKING: China's vaccine candidate shows promise in human trials

Just last month, researchers at the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology also announced an under-development vaccine.

Chinese researchers recently developed a candidate vaccine to cure the novel coronavirus. On Tuesday, the leading developer revealed that the vaccine had cleared the first two phases of the clinical trials.

China National Biotec Group stated:

The vaccine was tried on 1,120 people, and none showed serious side effects. After the dosage, it was noted that their bodies started producing high-concentration antibodies. Thus, the usage of the first inactivated vaccine is termed safe and effective for the global clinical trial.

Since April the 12th,  the clinical trials have been in function in Wuzhi county, Henan province. Volunteers of the program, aged between 18 to 59, are divided into groups and are being given two doses of the vaccine at different intervals (14, 21, and 28 days). Recent observation indicates that all volunteers are healthy.

The company said:

Our clinical result has turned out to be the best, compared to other similar Covid-19 vaccines being researched in China. We believe we will win the war against the pandemic. The recent revelation of the vaccine’s safe usage and effectiveness has helped us gain further confidence in this belief.

With the same confidence and dedication, the company is moving on to Phase 3. Phase 3 is the advancement of the clinical trial by partnering with equivalents overseas. In this regard, the company has reached agreements with enterprises and institutes.

Furthermore, The China National Biotec Group has also invested in building a high bio-safety standards workshop with the purpose of ample production of the Covid-19 vaccine. They are preparing to counter any emergencies that may arise in the future.

It is fair to say that China has been on its toes since the pandemic outbreak at the end of last year. Just last month, researchers at the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology also announced an under-development vaccine that exhibited safe usage and human protection potential, and successfully cleared the preliminary clinical trial.

All this is evidence of China’s rapid progress for the research and development of Covid-19 vaccines.

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