Chinese $4500 electric vehicle outsells Tesla

Last month, Hong Guang Mini sales surpassed Tesla almost two-to-one.


A budget electric vehicle selling in China for $4,500 is now outselling Tesla’s more upmarket cars.

The compact car has been a big hit for the top Chinese automaker, SAIC Motor.

The Hong Guang Mini EV is being built as part of a joint venture with the United State’s car giant General Motors (GM).

In January, sales of the budget electric car in China were around double those of Tesla, which was questioned this month regarding safety issues.

While the $4,500 Hong Guang Mini is the most popular model with upgraded air conditioning for just over $5,000, the automobiles are being marketed as “the people’s commuting tool.”

Many Car experts have stated that while the Chinese car lags well behind Tesla when it comes to its range, battery, and performance. However, its practicality and low cost have made it one of China’s bestselling electric vehicles.

Having launched last year, the Chinese vehicle’s basic model has a top speed of 100km/h (62mph) and can accommodate four people at a squeeze.


Surpassing Tesla

The Hong Guang Mini EV saw sales of 112,000 for the second half of 2020, ranking second behind Tesla’s Model 3, which is made in its Shanghai factory.

Earlier this month, five Chinese regulators summoned Tesla over quality and safety issues at its plant. China is Tesla’s biggest market after the United States.

Last month, Hong Guang Mini sales surpassed Tesla almost two-to-one. Many experts believe that it is the second-best-selling electric model worldwide behind the Model 3.

According to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), the tiny, all-electric EV sold 25,778 models in China last month. It compares to 13,843 for the Tesla Model 3.

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  • A very hood initiative in such a competitive market where there too many but expensive choices
    Thanks baji translation to bring a topic worth it

    • Cars in China are cheaper be it German, Korean, American or Japanese. Saic launched mg with 50 lakh price in Pakistan but they launched this electric car for 5000 dollars with AC in China. Pakistan is a country for mafia. Riasat e mafia.

  • The same company launched 50 lakh suv recently which they imported for just 11000 dollars. Pakistan has only choors to loot the poor

  • Pakistani Govt is equally involved in these looting companies,, sab ke sab govt bahir se aane wali companies ko officially aur legally protection deti hein k wo Pakistani awaam ko lootein,, daakay dalein, jab hamari apni govt hum se honest nahi to bahir wali companies ko to moka chahiay.. Kon sa aisa aik kaam hai jo pakistani govts ne awaam ke bhalaai sahulat k liay keeya ho? jo kiay hein waha per bagair safarish k rishwat k kaam nahi hota,, hospital chale jaao to operation ka time lete lete patient ya to mur jata hai ya uss ke condition phir operation jesi nahi rehti,, ALLAH he bhala kare iss watan e aziz ka,

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