Opinion | Chinese Domination: Xi’s coup against Pakistan?

Xi doesn't want the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) or any of its components to be held accountable or face resistance.

Xi Jinping is set to sideline the democratically elected representatives and civil servants of the people of Pakistan to expand his direct influence over the country’s political and economic processes.

Since 2016, Xi, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CCP), has been pressuring the Pakistani government to sideline the Planning Ministry’s role in implementing and monitoring the multibillion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Xi pushed for creating a supra-constitutional CPEC Authority that would freelance the management of the predatory infrastructure and power-generation projects under his command.

The proposal was declined then, but last year it was again presented before the prime minister of the country – now Imran Khan. The reason given was the timely completion of the projects.


The CPEC Authority was formed in October last year using a presidential ordinance (without parliament’s approval) for four months and then was further given a four-month extension. But Xi wants permanent control. 

Xi doesn’t want the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) or any of its components to be held accountable or face resistance. He knows that his Chinese Dream of indoctrination of a majority of free people of the world by 2050 will not be realized if the people of the countries exploited by the BRI come to know about China’s strategy to wreck their futures and those of their future generations.

He is overburdening those countries in debt traps while they are already suffering from intense balance-of-payments crises. Xi is slowly poisoning Pakistan and other weak economies by creating extreme shortages of foreign-exchange reserves. After all, these countries will have to accept the invasion of their political and economic systems by the CCP.

Even the Prime Minister’s powers will be restricted to what is specified in the CPEC Authority Bill 2020. So, he will have to obey Xi’s commands.

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