Chinese company receives license to manufacture liquor in Pakistan

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A Chinese company named Hui Coastal Brewery and Distillery Limited (Ltd.) has received a license to manufacture alcohol in Pakistan.

Many news outlets have reported that the Chinese liquor manufacturer acquired a license and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

The Excise, Taxation, and Anti-Narcotics Department of Balochistan issued a joint venture license at the Lasbela Industrial Estate Development Authority.

Hui Coastal Brewery has vast experience in liquor production and is known for manufacturing some of the most famous brands. With its factory in Lasbela, Hui will be the first Chinese company to manufacture liquor in Pakistan.

The firm plans to produce two famous liquor brands for export purposes. The entire process from manufacturing to packaging will be carried out in in Pakistan.

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  • Chalo acha hye ab ashrafia ko ala quality ki local hi mil jayee gi ziada zehmat nhi kerni parey gi unhye import karney ki

  • Alcohol is no1 reason behind domestic violence, driving related deaths and sexual abuse and here our Raisat-e-Medina is not learning lessons from the west. I am very sad to know this. There are organization in the west MADD- Moms Against Drunk Driving who work against alcoholic beverages because they understand the implications and corruption intoxication creates in society whether it is through alcohol or other type of drugs.

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