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Chinese company to invest $600 million in Pakistan’s auto sector

The company intends to introduce the Chinese transportation model in Pakistan.



A Chinese company named Timesaco has decided to invest $600 million in the auto sector of Pakistan to reform the public transportation system.

The company intends to introduce the Chinese transportation model in Pakistan.

1n 2019, Timesaco launched Tatu Mobility, a transportation infrastructure network, in Pakistan, to promote the e-transportation sector business in the country.

Services provided by Tatu Mobility

  • Tatu Mobility provides mobility services to individuals, government, and private organizations.
  • It also includes services like taxi-hailing, bus booking, vehicle rentals, and pick and drop.

Timesaco will digitize the public transportation system so it would be easier for daily commuters to schedule, book their seats, and travel with significant ease.

Return of traditional yellow caps

Timesaco is also working on a plan to restore the traditional yellow cabs in Pakistan. The yellow cab service will be digitized as well, and will be brought on the same level as the online ride-hailing services.

The company is also importing vehicles from China to provide an incentive for Chinese automobile companies to enter the Pakistani auto sector.

 Reforms in the public transport sector can help the local auto sector as well.

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