Chinese Couple Celebrates Their Wedding In Typical Pakistani Way And It’s Absolutely Heartwarming

CPEC has played a substantial part in strengthening the already established friendship between Pakistan and China. Not only has it opened avenues of opportunities, but also have given people from both countries to learn about each other’s customs and traditions. This adorable couple has pretty much reflected it in their heartwarming marriage ceremony.

Sain and Lin were working on a CPEC project in Battagram district since past six months when they decided to tie the knot. The couple flew to China to hold their traditional wedding sermons. After returning back to Pakistan, they decided to hold their wedding reception again, but this type in typical Pakistani way.

The reception was held in Kuza Banda, as reported by Dawn News. Lin looked absolutely stunning in traditional red Lehenga with heavy jewelry. She also applied mehndi on her hands which symbolize a Pakistani way of celebrating a happy occasion. The groom was seen acing a white Sherwnai with Qulla. Not just that, other Chinese friends of the couple were also wearing Shalwar Kameez to give an appropriate look to the entire occasion.

Sain, while talking to Dawn News, thanked his friends in Kuza Banda for giving him the idea of having a Pakhtun styled traditional wedding. He also showed gratitude to them for arranging the entire ceremony.

The couple has gotten immense wishes from Pakistani’s all across the social media. That surely was one unique way to make this special event even more memorable. Apart from that, it was a beautiful way of showing their appreciation for the culture here though it is completely different than their home country.

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