Is the Chinese EV automaker NIO making its way to Pakistan?

NIO's R&D budget is 5 billion yuan this year. Its autonomous driving team has over 500 engineers, and the number will reach 800 by the end of this year.

According to reports, China’s premium electric carmaker Nio is gearing up to enter the volume vehicle segment with its latest creation. Ever since the popularity of the new energy vehicles is rising in China and other key global markets, the automaker is working on launching an all-new marque.

About the Chinese Company NIO

NIO is one of the best-selling premium electric carmakers in China. It delivered 21,896 vehicles in the second quarter this year, up over 112% from the same period of the previous year. NIO is also stepping up efforts in research and development. The company CEO William Li said:

NIO’s R&D budget is 5 billion yuan this year. Its autonomous driving team has over 500 engineers, and the number will reach 800 by the end of this year. The company is also adapting faster methods of EV production similar to those adopted by Tesla.

NIO Founder and CEO comments on the plan

Reports state that the company is preparing to make mass-market products under another brand name. A core team has been established to cater to this brand too. Speaking about the new brand, Nio founder Li said:

The relationship between Nio and our new mass-market brand will be like that of Audi & Volkswagen and Lexus & Toyota.

How does NIO plan to compete with premium brands?

Chinese automaker NIO’s premium competitors include big names like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes. All these brands offer a range of premium electric vehicles (EVs), giving a tough time to NIO.

However, the Chinese automaker plans to stand its ground by providing better products and services at prices lower than that of Tesla. The company claims to produce better electric vehicles that are nothing like the pint-sized EVs produced by the popular Wuling Hongguang.

Is NIO Coming to Pakistan?

According to sources, NIO will be offering three affordable models of EVs in its new marque. The vehicles will be launched in 2022. A detailed schedule of the new marque’s launch has not been announced yet. However, NIO’s website reads that the company aims to launch its volume brand within the next 2 years in 20 countries.

An exciting thing to be noted on the website section is the map of the 20 countries. The map states names of the 20 countries that are included in the launch plan. The name and flag of Pakistan are also shown on the map picture.

Here is the map picture displayed on NIO’s website:

Pakistan’s government has announced several EV incentives in the new Auto Policy 2021-26. Considering this and the map displayed on the Chinese EV company’s website, it’s safe to say that Pakistan will be welcoming quality Chinese electric cars shortly.

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