[VIDEO] Chinese kids performing on “Sohni Dharti” is the most beautiful thing you will see today!

Absolutely beautiful!

Sohni Dharti by Shahnaz Begam is an evergreen melody that has been revered by old and new generations alike. The beautiful national melody is very commonly played and heard at national events and has once again filled our hearts with love for the nation, but this time all the way from China.

The China-Pakistan friendship has long existed and continues to flourish. This bond was recently amplified when Chinese kids gave a heartwarming performance on Sohni Dharti.

Moin ul Haque, who is the Pakistani Ambassador to China, tweeted a video of the sweet tribute.

“A colourful and heart warming performance by young Chinese children on ‘Sohni Dharti’ song at Qingdao TV to welcome the new Pakistani Ambassador. It really touched my heart.”

Qingdao TV was behind the touching display. It was organized to welcome the new Pakistani ambassador to China.

A Chinese orchestra had also covered this song previously. You can watch the melodious performance below

And not only Sohni Dharti, but Chinese people have also made renditions of other favorite national songs such as Dil Dil Pakistan in the past.

The Origin of Sohni Dharti

Sohni Dharti is a popular national song sang by the famous Bengali singer Shahnaz Begum. Shahnaz Begum is a renowned name on Pakistani soils. The famed singer moved to Dhaka following the partition of the eastern and western wings of Pakistan and the formation of Bangladesh.

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