‘Chinese men who marry Pakistani women sell their organs later after marriage’

The National Assembly Standing Committee on Law and Justice was informed that Chinese citizens are marrying Pakistani women and then selling their organs.

Startling revelations were made during the provincial assembly session, particularly discussing the state of women rights in the country. As reported by a local reporting channel, Rana Sanaullah mocked that women in Pakistan’s rural areas are rigid and men are assaulted as well. Sana added that they asked their minister to present the bill for the protection of women rights, but he did not approve of it.

In the session, Shanela Ruth raised her concerns about the issue of forced conversions and pressed for the need for proper legislation against it. She also added that the state is failing to protect women, and the laws meant to guard their rights are not being properly implemented with little to effectiveness.

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Organ harvesting has taken the shape of a business mafia in China, rising human rights concerns. Several reports in the past have also indicated that because of the unavailability of donors, the mafia has been selling organs of the prisoners.
Member Assembly Lal Chand Malhi also said the same thing. He said that while Chinese men are pretending to convert their religion and marrying Muslim women while on the other hand, minority women in Pakistan are forcefully being converted and fake documents are being produced to verify it.
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