Lab rats or opportunity? | Chinese pharma company offers conducting clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine in Pakistan

Sinopharm, which is a state-owned enterprise, caters to China's 80% of the pharmaceutical needs.

A famed Chinese pharmaceutical company has invited the National Institute of Health (NIH) Islamabad for collaboration in conducting clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccine in Pakistan. A media report confirmed that China Sinopharm International Corp has proposed the idea of conducting clinical trials in Pakistan.

The letter of invitation was sent to NIH’s Executive Director Maj Gen Dr. Aamer Ikram by the general manager of China Sinopharm International Corp, Li Can. According to the available details, Ikram said that they are yet to make a decision about it but the collaboration would be a ‘great thing for Pakistan’.

“We want to increase the trend of clinical trials in the country. There are a number of laws before it can start; it has to be approved by the ethics committee…but we will start when we get the clearance,” Ikram said, as quoted by Dawn News.

Speaking about the possible benefits of the collaboration, he said that if the trial ends up being successful, Pakistan would be one of the first countries to get the vaccine.

“In the process, we developed a lot of practical insights that we would like to share with you,” the letter to NIH read, adding that the two have been collaborating in the past as well.

Sinopharm, which is a state-owned enterprise, caters to China’s 80% of the pharmaceutical needs. The company is also playing the lead-role in COVID-19 related research and experimentation. To speed up the process, China has combined Phase I and II of the clinical trials, recommending DARP (Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan) to do the same.

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  • I will take it as opportunity. First, it should be given very high risk patients who’s lungs are already Not in good Conditions. If they catch Covid-19, it will be life threatening for them. So, it will be opportunity for vulnerable people.

  • I think it’s really a great opportunity.As trail is not done on every person but on some people with rules and regulations.All other people will get a great initiative.

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