Chinese prostitution gang: horrifying tale of the victim

Chinese prostitution gangs trapped women, sold them into prostitution.

FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) Lahore Zone-I busts another Chinese prostitution gang


FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) Lahore Zone-I busts another Chinese prostitution gang involved in luring girls and selling them. After promising a lawful marriage and good future, these women are later caught up in the human trafficking network.

There are two ways these gangs operate. Firstly, they promise monthly financial help to the girls and their family.  Conversely, in some cases, the Chinese men approach saying they want to marry a Pakistani woman to ‘permanently settle. Then they take the girls to China, force them to eat haram and sell them into prostitution.

There is no fixed number of how many girls have been trapped by these gangs, however, every case is more horrifying in nature than the previous.

The gangs have Chinese and Pakistanis:

FIA busts prostitution ring that sent young women to China


Two of the gang members were Pakistani while 14 were Chinese. FIA arrested Hongfa Yang Chuanjia Liu Libing Liu, Bo Wang, Gongze He, Tianyi Liu Feng Xnu Yang, Song Guoqiang Uoqiang, Liu Wei Linping alias David, Saiful Rehman, Ashraf, Fazal, Shafiq Khan and Muhammad Ansar during the raid. As per the initial investigations, Song Guoqiang and Limping were the ring leaders.

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Caught in Chinese prostitution: a tale of the victim

FIA busts prostitution ring that sent young women to China


Father of one of the victims and a resident of Ferozpur Road, named Nazir Ahmad, registered complaint with FIA. Nazir comes from a financially disadvantaged background hence his situation was exploited absolutely.

He claims to be contacted by an agent who called himself a representative of Chinese foreigners. He said that the foreigner wants to marry in Pakistan with an intention to permanently settle here. As Express Tribune reports, the father was told he will accompany his daughter to China for a brief period of time. As well as that, they were also promised financial help.

But alternatively, they were forced to live their worst nightmare. It turned out that the man has faked his name (Musa). The girl lone left for China 4 days after marriage, from where she called to tell her father that they have been mocked.

His daughter told that she had been living life like a non-Muslim, forced into prostitution, facing physical assault if she refused. Concerned and devasted, Nazir told to contact their boss Wei Linping in Islamabad. Wei asked for 2 million rupees if he wanted his daughter back.

Prostitution or organ harvesting:

Nazir was told that if he does not pay the amount, his daughter will either be sold in prostitution or her organs will be taken out. China has a huge controversial industry of organ harvesting. Due to low voluntary donations, these organs are sourced from prisoners or, as some reports say, from Beijing’s marginalized Muslim community.

Following the threats, Pakistani High Commission intervened in the matter and the girl was recovered. She narrated her painful tale in her appearance before the FIA and informed that the gang was operating from Johar Town.

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