Chinese troops play Punjabi songs on loudspeakers at Ladakh posts

The Chinese Army has used this psychological war tactic in the past as well.

Chinese troops have played Hindi songs on loudspeakers at the Ladakh border in the wake of the firing incidents between Indian and Chinese forces. Both countries have been engaged in an intense fight during the last 20 days over the ongoing regional dispute.

The Chinese Army has used this psychological war tactic in the past as well. Before the war of 1962, the Chinese Army played Bollywood songs as a daunting tactic to reveal that they knew the Indian language.

By playing loud music, the Chinese are not only attempting to distract Indian troops at the border but are also trying to show that they understand all their movements.

A majority of Indian Army soldiers interact with each other in Hindi and Punjabi. Many Indians believe that the Chinese soldiers may have heard Indian troops humming songs in Punjabi or Hindi in the past, so they have been trying to show the Indian soldiers that they are not worried about recent developments.

It is also a way to trivialize the current border situation and proposing that they are not pressurized with the recent developments at eastern Ladakh’s heights.

India and China are engaged in an intense conflict near Finger 4, where gunshots were exchanged on the 8th of September.

The Chinese and Indian troops have been involved in a standoff since April-May this year after the Chinese Army took control in Kongrung Nala, Finger, and Gogra, an area near Pangong Lake.

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  • Is it really India China boarder? No. It is China Tibet boarder. China the Communist Party invaded Tibet, killed tens if thousands Buddhist monk and Tibetan population. World gone silent because of cheap goods been given by China as bribe and reward so total UN corrupt officials let it happened. Damaging for Tibet is Indian Congress Party also an communist party taking bribe in billions of dollars to let China progressed. China progressing by enslaving it population to work for food and no other rights. Jobs for everyone in return for slavery wage who only get food stamps like North Korea.

    India now stand to get it land back which China took it in 1962 call Aksai Chin. If world and UN have little faith in their soul they can help Tibet to be freed. It looks UN is morally bankrupt.

    Covid19 is also China biological weapons against whole world so world fear China but for India let’s deal with China now.

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