CPEC: Chinese workers stayed at Karot hydropower during the new years celebrations, 70% work complete

The construction of Karot hydropower is operated under the supervision of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) framework.

Karot Hydro Power plant

720-Megawatt Karot Hydropower project has strict safety and environmental protection measures. The construction is operated under the supervision of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) framework.

Safety precautions are done everywhere on the project site. Workers are facilitated with hard hats, reflective vests, work shoes, and other equipment. Chinese workers stayed at the project to make sure about the safety measures at the project site.

Karot Hydropower project had made construction safety and had done a lot of work in the formulation of safety regulations, the management and control of safety risks, and the investigation of hidden dangers.

The Karot Hydropower Plant, 70 percent construction, is done, located at 70 km east of Capital Islamabad. The project is going to be introduced at commercial operation by the end of 2021.

Li Zhili Deputy General manager also chose to stay behind on the project at the Chinese Spring Festival this year. “The Karot project currently has about 5,000 registered employees in Pakistan, and about 1,200 are Chinese employees. Almost half of the Chinese employees chose to stay behind, and everyone is to be able to build the power station at an early date”.

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Niyzi a Pakistani who studied in China for five years and joined the Karot project after returning to China in 2018. He is working as an interpreter on the project said, “This year is the seventh consecutive year that I have celebrated the Spring Festival with my Chinese friends. I brought them some Pakistani special foods. The Chinese brothers are far away from their motherland, their hometown, and their loved ones. We Pakistanis should not let Chinese brothers feel like they are away from their homes, but let them feel that we are a family.”

The work for the construction of access roads, bridges, concrete batching plants, diversion tunnel, and spillway is in process.

The hydropower project (HPP) will have a reservoir storage capacity, and it will improve the energy supply in the region.

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