Teenage Christian boy killed, cut into pieces by Hindu extremists in India

According to the local news outlet, the incident took place in the Indian state of Odisha.


A 14-year-old Christian boy named Samaru Madkami was killed by a group of Hindu extremists in India.

According to a local news outlet, the incident took place in the Indian state of Odisha. On the night of 4th June, a group of religious fanatics attempted to kidnap three Christians.

Two men managed to escape, but unfortunately, young Samaru Madkami was left behind at the mercy of his assailants who brutally murdered the grade 7 student and cut his body into pieces. After committing this horrific crime, the killers buried the victim and fled the scene.

The local police registered a case on a complaint filed by Unga Madkami, the victim’s father.

Locals say the Christian community of the area has been facing many threats and are being constantly harassed by religious extremists. In fact, there have been many attacks on the community during the last couple of years. 

Last month, in a shocking series of horrendous events, religious fanatics packed three men into sacks, tied them up, and attempted to throw them into the river. In another incident, the Hindu extremists tried to set two Christians ablaze. All these incidents had taken place in the same area.

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