Christian Man Who Was Deported From UK ‘Fears For His Life’ In Pakistan

A Christian man has told British news outlets that he is living in hiding and fear for his life. Asher Samson, was deported from the United Kingdom despite claiming that he had been threatened by execution by extremists in Pakistan.

The 42-year-old was forcibly transported to Pakistan, his country of birth, last year. Asher first arrived in the UK back in 2004 to carry out his theology training to become a pastor. He later applied for asylum after receiving numerous death threats from extremists during his visits home.

Samson’s asylum claim was refused back in 2018. Shortly afterwards, he was detained in Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre in Lincolnshire and was issued removal directions. In the beginning, he was granted bail but the Home Office detained him after a week. Samson was then deported the day before he was due to attend a meeting to submit new evidence for his claim.

Before he got deported, Samson said he was ‘terrified’ at the thought of being sent back to his home city of Abbottabad in Pakistan, where he said he has ‘no one and nowhere to go’.
A year after getting deported, Samson is now living in a small flat in a disclosed location. He is forced to move regularly with his cousin’s help since it is dangerous for him to stay in one location.
On his arrival at the airport, Samson said stones were thrown at the accommodation arranged by his cousin.

“It’s like I’m in a detention centre again. But there, they come and lock you up three times a day. Here, I’m locked up all day, all night”, he said.

Asher has three siblings, all of whom live outside Pakistan due to fear of religious persecution.

  • I am from Abbottabad. I have one family living in my colony from last 23 years. Few more families living there with no issue. Mostly educated people dont get emotional on things happen around world. We are Muhammad Ummati. We should respect other’s religion.

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