Christian Man Shot Allegedly For Buying House In A Muslim Neighborhood, Dies In Hospital

After Pakistan came into being in 1947, Quaid-e-Azam repeatedly assured complete equality to the minorities, but unfortunately, his promise has not been kept by Pakistanis.

“Islam stands for justice, equality, fair play, toleration, and generosity to non-Muslims who may be under our protection. They are like brothers to us and would be the citizens of the State,”- Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

We need to ask ourselves the question and give deep reflection to what is happening in Pakistan today. We are negating Quaid’s message of Unity, Faith, and Discipline and are divided into different sections based on religion, language, caste, and race.

A  Christian man named Nadeem Joseph was shot by his neighbors for allegedly buying a house in a Muslim dominated neighborhood in Peshawar.

Joseph and his mother-in-law Elizabeth Masih were mercilessly attacked by Salman Khan and his son a few days after Nadeem bought a house in the TV Colony on the 4th of June, 2020.

According to details, Salman, along with his son, threatened the victim to vacate the house within 24 hours. After receiving death threats, Nadeem called 15, but before the police arrived, Khan and his son opened fire.

Joseph was shot in the stomach, while his mother-in-law was hit in her left shoulder.

Police have arrested several members of Khan’s family connected with the incident while he remains on the run.

In a tweet, Human Rights Activist Rahat Austin shared that Joseph, who remained admitted in the hospital after the attack, succumbed to his injuries after he was operated on for the fifth time on June the 29th.

While in hospital, the victim in a recorded message had said, “I am feeling scared even in the hospital. I fear my life.”

Joseph added, “I purchased the house in the TV Colony a month ago. I still have to make the full payment, but Salman Khan, a Muslim man who lives in the same street, wasn’t happy about it. He started harassing us and asked us to leave.”

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  • For God sake, don’t make Pakistan another India?…where muslims can’t buy properties in hindu neighbourhood.

  • That piece of sh!t Salman Khan and his accomplices should be caught and made an example out of. Is ke baap ka muhala hai jo koi aur aa kur reh nahin sukta. Allah kee la’anat ho aise naam ke musalmanon pur.

  • اب اس کے قاتلوں کو پھانسی سے کم سزا ھوئی تو لعنت  ہوگی  حکومت پولیس اور عدالتوں پر

  • So where are the likes of Zaid Hamid now? We have a big problem in Pak with minorities.

  • spray Salman khan with bullets and throw his body in a gutter because that’s what he is

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