Christian women are prime victim of fake Chinese marriages and human trafficking

Illegal 'matching' mafia is being used as a tool for it.

Illegal matchmakers put up banners in Youhanabad, the largest Christian locality in Lahore, to advertise Chinese marriage proposals.

As the international sources report, the illegal matching mafia is operating swiftly in Pakistan luring women and connecting them to Chinese nationals. The sources detail them to be ”fake” and declare the marriages as mock-ups as well.

The disturbing revelations came after the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad issued a statement urging for urgent action against the illegally operating ring. It said these unlawful matchmaking services are involved in arranging sham marriages for profit.

Pakistani authorities have initiated a crackdown against the involved elements.  The initial investigation suggests that they lure girls from a compromised financial background, particularly young Christian women, promising them a bright future abroad and connect them to Chinese either working in Pakistan or visiting the country.

They produce fake documents of Chinese men, showing them either Christians or Muslims.  They then target the lesser privileged offering them money and sustainable future, engaging them in marriages. The helpless women then become a victim of human trafficking and are sold into prostitution.

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Speaking to an international media source, a Dubai-based Pakistani Christian community leader Rev Johan Qadir said that they condemn this abusive practice and have mobilized the churches to educate people about the scams.

“The government should launch a crackdown and save lives of the poor girls who are easily lured with promises of a comfortable life but actually they are trapped and trafficked to China” –  he said.

He added that the illegal matchmakers make fake certificates or affidavits for Chinese men to trap the necessitous segment, and they easily fall for it.

”We request Prime Minister Imran Khan to take serious notice of this exploitation of the poor girls as many of them are forced into prostitution after their weddings.” – Rev John added.

The concerns rose following the reports of middlemen trapping Pakistani girls, promising them Rs 40k monthly along with cellphones and Chinese visas. The topic further became the talk of the town after a TV channel aired images of teenage girls accompanied by Chinese men at a marriage centre in Lahore. 

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