Christian Youth Beaten To Death By Landowners For Bathing In A Tube-well In Kasur

The young Christian labourer was brutally beaten and tortured for polluting the tube-well water on the 25th of February.



While we were busy mourning and condemning how the Indian government is treating their Muslim minority, a Christian youth was tortured to death in Kasur for ‘polluting’ water. According to the details, 22-year-old Saleem Masih was killed by the landowners in Chunnian village for the ‘crime’ of taking bath in a tubewell.

The young Christian labourer was brutally beaten and tortured for polluting the tubewell water on the 25th of February. He succumbed to his wounds in General Hospital, Tehsil Kasur yesterday.

“On Feb 25, Saleem had finished unloading chaff in fields in Baguyana village and was rinsing himself off in the tube-well when a group of men, including Sher Dogar, Iqbal, Altaf, Jabbar and Haji Muhammad rushed over, yanked him out of the water and began beating him,”

Saleem’s father Ghafoor Masih said.

Saleem’s father added that the Muslim landowners abused Saleem and called him a ‘filthy Christian’ for polluting their water. He said that he was then dragged to the cattle farm, chained and beaten with a rod. When they were informed about his situation, they rushed to the cattle farm and found him in a pool of blood.

 “They also rolled a thick iron rod over Saleem’s entire body, causing multiple fractures and internal injuries.”

Saleem’s father further added that the landowners justified themselves, saying he ‘deserved’ the punishment. He accuses the police of siding with the influentials, acting as spectators and helping five men obtain bail after briefly holding them in custody.

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  • This is deplorable. Punish those responsible with death penalty. Pay back in the same coins. Request to the government.

  • Are these Islamic teachings which urge to kill anyone on the basis of religion. No, not at all. It’s just the bastard, illiterate, and translated version of Muslims who are blind as they can’t see beyond their own ego. Such type of people are worst than Nazis!

  • Disgusting… But there is no comparison with the brutality of hindu’s in india… Muslims are not in the good position all aur the world

  • یہ واقعہ غلط ضرور ہے مگر پھر بھی یہاں حالات بہت بہتر ہیں اور سب کو مذہبی آزادی حاصل ہے جس کا انڈیا سے کوٸی موازنہ نہیں ہے
    اس پر زیادہ شور مچانا شاید انڈیا میں ہونے والے واقعات سے توجہ ہٹانے کی ایک کوشش بھی ہوسکتی ہے

  • God need to punish them severely . what did they get out of it . How can the police turn a blind eye to the accusers.Christians should seek asylum fro this fanatic country .So harsh people

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