Christians shot in Peshawar allegedly for buying house in a Muslim area

Jamshed Thomas, a lawmaker from the ruling PTI government, has condemned the attack on the minority family.

Nadeem Joseph lays wounded in his hospital bed.

A Christian man was shot and wounded for allegedly buying a house in a Muslim area in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Nadeem Joseph and his mother-in-law Elizabeth Masih were shot by their Muslim neighbor Salman Khan and his son, a few days after Joesph’s family purchased a home in Peshawar’s TV Colony this month.

In a video message from his hospital bed in Peshawar, Joseph said: “I am feeling scared even in the hospital. I fear my life and my family.”

He added: “I bought the house in TV Colony a month ago. I still have to make the full payment, yet Salman Khan, a Muslim man who lives in front of my house, was not happy about it. He started abusing us and asked us to leave.”

Later on, Khan and his son Suleiman threatened the Christian family with an AK-47, ordering them to leave the house in less than 24 hours.

“I called police emergency help number, but they started firing,” Joseph said.

Joseph was hit in the stomach, and his mother-in-law was shot in her left shoulder.

Joseph’s Mother-In-Law Elizabeth, who was shot in the shoulder.

Jamshed Thomas, a lawmaker from the ruling PTI government, has condemned the attack on the minority family.

“I visited the family and assured them of my full support and justice. I have also spoken to police officials and asked them to arrest the assailants,” Thomas told UCA News.

“Such incidents are infrequent in Peshawar, where Muslims and other minorities live in harmony and peace. We will not permit a handful of criminals to give the incorrect impression that minorities are under any threat in Peshawar.”

Wazir Zada, a government aide on minority affairs, also visited the injured victims and promised firm action against their attackers.

According to ASP Hassan Jahangir, one of the attackers has reportedly been arrested with the weapon of offense. His brother Suleman is on the run, and the police is confident of arresting him soon.

The Special Assistant to CMKP Kamran Bungash on the other hand said it was a petty dispute over a bike which is being given a communal tint.

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  • اب حکومت کا امتحان ہے حملہ کرنے والے خنزیروں کو عبرت کا نشان بنایا جائے تاکہ کسی اور خنزیر نسل کی جرات نا ہو اس طرح  حملہ کرنے کی

  • It is already mentioned in the news that it was some other issue which was given the communal spin later on. There are countless minorities who live in complete harmony with muslims in Pakistan.

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