PTI Govt under severe criticism as CAA makes plastic wrapping of luggage mandatory at airports

People concerned over the controversial decision, environmental hazards.


  • CAA under fire for the controversial decision of making plastic wrapping of check-in luggage mandatory. 

  • Check-in luggage will be wrapped for Rs. 50 following new orders. 

  • People outraged over the cost and environmental hazards associated with it. 

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) is under fire following the recent controversial decision. As per the new directions, plastic wrapping of check-in luggage at all Pakistani airports has been made compulsory for the travelers.

According to the notification that made rounds on social media over the weekend, domestic and international passengers will be required to have their luggage wrapped up in plastic sheets at the initial stage of the scanning at all airport. The letter further read that the packing will cost Rs 50 each, irking people.

The recent order is part of an agreement between PCAA and Air Ciro, a company owned by Air Marshal (retd). Shahid Lateef, who is also a defense analyst. Latif admitted that the company was owned by his late brother and was presently run by him, but insisted that they have followed a ‘complete process’ for this.

The notification made rounds on social media:



“All check-in baggage of international and domestic passengers is to be wrapped with plastic sheets at the initial stage of scanning at search counters of the ASF, ANF, and Customs,” said the viral notification. 

“It is therefore advised under clause 22 of the Licence Agreement to ensure immediate compliance to the directives of the government. Furthermore, the said rate should be prominently displayed at your business premises for the convenience of the traveling passengers,” the notification continued.

Plastic-free vs plastic wrapping:

Outraged over the decision, people have pointed out the interesting contradiction. While a few days back, the government was advocating a plastic-free policy state, the recent decision will have a lot of environmental hazards considering the implications caused by single-use plastic.

Senior journalists and people have also termed this ‘legalized corruption’.

“Shahid Latif, who is seen saving and protecting Pak through his analysis almost every night, will be making a lot of money. Of course, you will pay him as you will be forced to wrap your luggage at the airport. It’s compulsory even though it is optional across the world’s best-known airports,” senior journalist, Syed Talat Hussain said. 

”Besides, how much earlier will people have to reach the airport to get it done so all passengers of the flight do it. To check-in, one hand-carry each…300 plus tax in each flight… Several flights with parallel departure times? What a genius move!,” wrote Afia Salam, a Lahore-based journalist. 

The social media community asks the government and the world community to take notice of the recent decision:

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