Climate Change in Pakistan: February recorded as third driest month in six decades

The summary said February 2021 was one of the warmest and driest months on record for Pakistan.

Drought a Ticking Time Bomb - The Current Scenerio in PakistanPakistan’s fast-changing weather trend is breaking records, but not for good reasons.

February 2021 was found to be the third driest month over the past 60 years. Meanwhile, January 2021 was reported as the 17th driest month since 1961.

A man walks on the dried, cracked landscape near Hanna Lake near Quetta, Pakistan. (AFP)

This was disclosed by the Met Office in its “Pakistan’s Monthly Climate Summary — February 2021” on Monday.

The office came up with detailed data, fast-changing weather models, and comparative analysis indicating concerns over Pakistan’s climate front.

The summary said February 2021 was one of the warmest and driest months on record for Pakistan.

“The rainfall for the month of February (2021) was 84% below standard. February 2021 had been the third driest month in the country since 1961. All six administrative regions experienced their record-deficient monthly rainfall,” it added.

According to the Met Office study, February 2021 was the driest month on record for Sindh and Punjab, second-driest for Balochistan, and fifth rain-deficient month for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK).

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“The entire Sindh region recorded no rainfall for the second consecutive month,” it said.

The wettest place of the month in the country was Kalam, KPK (92.6 mm). Likewise, the wettest day of the month in the country was the 28th of February at AJK’s Kotli, with 31mm of rainfall.

Meanwhile, the national mean monthly temperature of February 2021 for Pakistan was 16.67 °C, being 3.35 °C warmer than average.

The mean maximum temperature at the country-level was 4.58°C warmer than average.

The statement added that February’s minimum temperature was 8.28°C, being 2.09°C warmer than average.

On the other hand, the country’s hottest day was the 26th of February at Shaheed Benazirabad in Sindh, with 38.3°C temperature.

In February 2021, the coldest temperature of -10.0 °C was recorded at Astore in Gilgit-Baltistan on the first day of the second month.

The country’s warmest nights, with a minimum temperature of 22 °C, were recorded in Karachi on the 27th and the 28th of February.

While mentioning “temperature — abnormal warning” in the summary, the Met Office said the national mean monthly temperature for Pakistan was 16.67 °C, being 3.35 °C warmer than the monthly average.

The weatherman, Sardar Sarfaraz, agrees that models and data suggest “no good signs.”

However, he insists that one needs to monitor it closely before arriving at any conclusion about the reasons behind the fast-changing weather patterns.

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