Clip of Muslim man assaulting, forcing a Hindu worker to chant Allah hu Akbar goes viral

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A Human Rights Activist, Kapil Dev, has shared a video where a man can be seen torturing a Hindu boy and forcing him to chant Allahu Akbar.

Kapil shared the video with the caption: “This is Abdul Salam Abu Dawood, currently working for Thar Coal Field Project as a driver. He originally hails from Rahim Yar Khan. In this video, Dawood is forcibly asking an innocent and frightened Hindu boy Mukesh Kumar to chant Allahu Akbar and curse Hindu gods. This is the development and change of Thar Coal that we have been and still are afraid of.”

A social media user, Syed Muzammil Shah, also shared the incident saying, “This incident is not any different to what the RSS goons often do to Muslims in India. ADawood has a YouTube channel on which he repeatedly abused Hindu Gods with a sense of religious superiority complex.”

TELL ME MINORITIES ARE SAFE IN PAKISTAN, ONE MORE TIME!!This is Abdul Salam Abu Dawood, currently working for Thar…

Posted by Syed Muzammil Shah on Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Commenting on Kapil’s post, many people have condemned the act and demanded Abu Dawood’s arrest.



As per the latest reports, the culprit has been arrested by Sindh Police.


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  • Rather than get the Hindu to shout it, why doesn’t the haraami just shout himself and leave the Hindu alone. Lock up the dickhead

  • بِلا وجہ ہی الگ ہوئے 1947 میں۔۔۔ سرحد کے دونوں طرف ایک ہی جیسے جاہل موجود ہیں۔۔۔

  • This highly condemned but this is what Indian army do every day in Kashmir and Indian police do in India… I wish some human right activist had some balls to post that as well…. ab jin ka khian un per bhokhna tu ethical nai ha na… us ka bhe tu kheyal rakhna hai..


  • es begharat ko nhein maloom k appny akhlaq se Allah ho Akbar kehlata to Allah b khush hota es ny to muslims ko badnaam kar diya ??

  • Allah ho Akbar…what the hell is this…how dare he forced our minority brother for this act….Govt of Pakistan must arrest and punish this man severely…Enough…this is Pakistan not India…man Shame on him…

  • پاکستانی آر ایس ایس کے اس بندے کو پھانسی سے کمُ کیُ
    سزا نہیں ہونی چاہئے ایسے سانپوں کا سر ابھی کچل اس سے پہلے کہ یہ سانپ اور سنپولیوں کو جنم دے

  • معلوم کرو اس حرامی کے ارايس ايس سے تعلق تو نہی، پاکستانی مُسلمان جتنا بھی خراب ہو پر يہ حرکت نہيں کر سکتا ۔ يہ تو انڈين کارنامے ہيں ہزاروں کی تعداد ميں

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