CM Pervez Khattak Inaugurates Pakistan’s Largest Zoo In Peshawar

Nature and recreational spaces have been a compromise in Pakistan in rapidly expanding urbanization. Though neglected, it can’t be overlooked that green spaces and zoos are the only approachable connection that citizens can establish with nature.
Apart from that, they serve as appreciable economic engines, public support and conservation connection. A National Research Council Report published in 2009 showed that there is strong evidence that zoos and aquariums increase public’s interest in science and also contributes positively to their existing knowledge.

We have witnessed an obvious prioritization in KPK Government’s policies that are goal optimized to take steps that contribute to bringing Pakistan parallel to more developed nations.
This is a step of similar nature as well. Peshawar now has Pakistan’s largest zoo (as per area), stretched on 29 acres. The zoo is built with modern infrastructural detailing and all up-to-date facilities to make the atmosphere as favourable as possible for the animals. It will also house all species of animals that exist in Pakistan or can sustain Pakistan’s weather.
Here are some of the pictures:

The total planned spending on the project is 2100 million rupees. According to CM Pervez Khattak’s official Facebook page, about 270 million rupees have already been spent on it.

Another 260 million rupees will be spent on bringing rare animals from different countries to Pakistan, their new home.

People have appreciated the step as well and view it as much-needed. Here are some of the comments:

The zoo will be a major attraction for the citizens, where the options to indulge in recreational activities are quite limited. Not just Peshawar, the rare species of animals and beautiful infrastructure will captivate people from neighbouring cities too as it provides the necessary escape from congested city life.


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