CM Sindh admits 40 percent of children are out of school

  • Forty percent of the children are out of school in Sindh.
  • Government is trying its best to elevate the enrollment rate the schools of Sindh


About 6.4 million students have been estimated as the dropouts from schools in the Sindh. This makes approximately 40 percent of the children in the province of Sindh that are out of school. After years of independence, we are still struggling with increasing the literacy rate of Pakistan. Still, some of the provinces are left behind.

Sindh Minister Murad Ali Shah while addressing a delegation of 38 members from China, Afghanistan and Pakistan said that the government is trying its best to elevate the enrollment rate in the schools of Sindh.

He mentioned that the overall admission rate is 31 percent which is not satisfactory. Of course for a province that is contributing 70 percent to the economy of the whole country in the form of tax revenue, it is alarming that the education and enrolment rate of children in schools is below the bar.

Rehabilitation of schools

Murad Shah also mentioned that his government has spent about 44.2 billion on the rehabilitation of schools in Sindh. He also said that new campuses and universities were also made and missing facilities were provided to the colleges and universities.

Taking about the Jobs and business in Sindh, Murad Ali Shah also mentioned that the source of 175 billion tons of coal and a huge wind corridor that can generate 50,000 megawatts of electricity. Thus it is also providing businesses to the people as Karachi is the Media hub of the country.

He said that with an increase of 6 to 7 percent of annual growth, Sindh would be able to provide 600,000 jobs in the private sector annually. But despite that, the overall poverty in Sindh is 43 percent.

To enable swift business registration, Murad Shah said to the delegation that the provincial investment department has established Sindh Business Registration Portal which would include all the major departments. He also mentioned that peace in Afghanistan would also help to prosper and take the business to a whole new dimension.

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