CNIC condition depriving Pakistan’s stateless Rohingyas and Bengalis from Corona relief initiatives

Distribution of ration only among the Pakistani nationals is generating problems for those stranded Pakistanis who migrated to Pakistan.


Prominent human rights activist, Nagham Iqtidar, has requested the Sindh government to form a strategy to give free rations to the Afghanis , Bengalis, Biharis, and Rohingyas living in various parts of Karachi.

Nagham Iqtidar, who recently visited Jacob Lines and Machar Colony to inspect relief distribution among stateless people, said that the government had only been giving rations and relief products to those who had a CNIC.

Iqtidar said, “The restriction of the documents imposed by NADRA (National Database Registration Authority) in issuing the CNIC to the Pakistani national is generating problems for those stranded Pakistanis who migrated to Pakistan.

“All of these communities have been living in Pakistan for many decades, but in the recent COVID-19 crisis, they have been deprived of the opportunity to receive the ration because of the CNIC condition.”

Nagham said ,”The federal and provincial authorities should withdraw their condition of the CNIC for the stateless people on humanitarian grounds and distribute rations among them on a priority basis. It is a human right violation and will build a bad image of Pakistan if human lives are lost due to starvation.”

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  • No way. This initiative is for deserving and proper documentation of deserving.

    Government should launch another initiative for migrants and proper documentation of migrants.

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