Coke Studio denies stealing ‘Tu Jhoom’ melody, releases new video evidence

The female singer claimed that she had sent the melody for the song to him in June 2021, a local news outlet reported.

Coke Studio has denied charges of stealing Umerkot-based singer Nirmala Maghani’s melody for Tu Jhoom, the first release of their ongoing season, with what the show claims to be video evidence.

In a statement accompanying a WhatsApp screen recording, the show had claimed that season producer Xulfi and associate producer Abdullah Siddiqui had started working on the song in May. However, Nirmala Maghani had allegedly shared her demo with Xulfi in June.

Here is what happened

A few days after the release of the song “Tu Jhoom,” Coke Studio producer Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan (Xulfi) has found himself in controversy with a singer from Umerkot, Nirmala Maghani.

The female singer claimed that she had sent the melody for the song to him in June 2021, a local news outlet reported.

Nirmala further claimed that she messaged Xulfi, hoping to be a part of Coke Studio’s season 14. She was not surprised when the producer and senior musician did not respond to her messages.

coke studio denies claims of stealing

However, the young singer insisted that each text message was received by Xulfi, as her Whatsapp messages indicated the trademark blue ticks.

It wasn’t until the release of “Tu Jhoom” that she realized that one of the tunes she had sent to the musician was now the basis of the Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal hit song. She had not been given any credit.

During a phone call, she told The Express Tribune that she had been trying to contact Xulfi ever since the song was released. However, he only responded, “I did not download your audio file,” despite the blue ticks revealing another story.

The famous Culture curator, composer, and lyricist Yousaf Salahuddin commented on a social media post.

Coke Studio's song 'Tu Jhoom

Yousaf said, “The composition has been replicated from Nirmala Magnani, who is a singer and composer from Tharparkar. she had sent her composition to Xulfi for review in the then-upcoming season of Coke Studio,” he stated.

Mian Salli is also a mentor to Maghani and finished the comment saying, “Xulfi instead changed the song’s wordings and sold this as his own to Coke Studio. It is highly unacceptable, and legal action will be taken very soon.”

Salahuddin also said that there was proof on Whatsapp. He also said he would stick to his words. Mian Salli further went on to say that he had the composition long before it made its way to Xulfi’s Whatsapp.

Meanwhile, Zulfiqar has denied Maghani’s claims and has stated that he always tries to be inclusive in all his work.

Even though the sample was posted on Maghani’s YouTube channel yesterday, here are the links to the original song and the supposedly sent sample to Xulfi.

Maghani’s Sample

Coke Studio’s Tu Jhoom

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