GUIDE: How to collect money from State Bank after winning prize bond?

It works like buying a lottery ticket, except if you don’t win, you still don’t lose any money.

Did you know that you can collect prize money on your prize bonds? Prize bonds are a unique method of investment that are essentially lotteries backed by the government. Offered by National Savings under the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), prize bonds have been around for decades and are considered an incredibly safe form of investment.

How does it work?

It works like buying a lottery ticket, except if you don’t win, you still don’t lose any money. Let us say you go to the state bank and give them Rs. 100, and in return, they give you a prize bond worth Rs. 100. Every three months, the government draws lots to see if any prize bonds win any money.

If you happen to win, then you can cash in your prize bond and collect your winnings. If you do not win anything, you can either wait for the next draw or simply turn in the prize bond to the bank in exchange for the Rs. 100 you paid for it.

How to Search for your Winning Prize Bond?

Search your Bond on National Savings’ website:

Here is a step-by-step guide detailing how you collect prize money of your winning Prize Bond from the National Savings and State Bank of Pakistan:

Note: The information on our website is not meant to be used for official purposes. Please do your own research before visiting the branch.

  1. Visit the State Bank for getting prize money
  2. Keep original NIC with you
  3. Get the Claim Form from the counter and fill it
  4. Fill the separate form for each Draw
  5. If you are a Filer (taxpayer), get a print of your Active Taxpayers List (ATL) from the counter
  6. Make a copy of the ATL print & get it stamped from the counter
  7. Attach the following documents with the Claim Form :
    • Original Prize Bond with your two signatures behind it
    • Two photocopies of Bond with your two signatures behind each copy
    • Photocopy of your CNIC
    • Photocopy of ATL print with the stamp of counter’s staff
    • Submit the Claim Form on counter
    • Staff will take your Form and pay the Prize Money
    • State Bank does not return any bond after the prize is collected

Tips for Visiting the Branch:

  • Keep a pen with you for filling the form
  • Keep some pins/gem clips with you for attaching documents with the Claim Form
  • Photocopy machine shops are available near Bank Branch
  • You can also fill the form at home before your visit to save time
  • Note the accurate “Draw No.” & “Date of Draw” while filling the Form
  • At the State Bank, door staff keeps your mobile for security
  • Remember to take your mobile back when leaving the branch

Branches you can Visit:

  • State Bank Branches:
    • State Bank Head Office, Merewether Tower, Karachi
    • Opp: Abdullah Girls College, North Nazimabad, Near Inter Board Office, Karachi
  • All Branches of National Savings (only sale & purchase of Prize Bonds)
  • All Branches of Commercial Banks

Office Timings of Branches:

At State Bank / National Bank / Commercial Banks09.00 am to 01.30 pm
At National Savings (only sale & purchase of Prize Bonds)
(FRIDAY 09.00 am to 12.30 pm. SATURDAY / SUNDAY CLOSED)
09.00 am to 02.30 pm

For more questions, please click here to visit the official National Savings website.

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