All important Competitive Examinations in Pakistan you need to know about for Higher Education Degrees

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Entrance exams or competitive exams are prerequisites for higher education careers. Students who want to pursue a professional career have to polish their bases well with higher education degrees. And for getting admission to prestigious degree programs in reputable institutes, passing a competitive examination is compulsory. Do you know about the different exams you can give while living in Pakistan? No worries. We’ve got a list of competitive exams in Pakistan to get you all the right information.

Here is a List of the Competitive Exams in Pakistan you should Attempt

Central Superior Service, CSS

Central Superior Service, CSS is one of the competitive exams in Pakistan. It is considered the toughest exam and to pass the exam is itself an achievement. Indeed it isn’t easy to pass the test, but once passing you will have a bright career, and you will not require to do anything else in life. You can take additional CSS exam guides and facts through the given link.

Provincial Management Service, PMS

This is known as a provincial-level competitive exam. Once passing this exam, the candidates can easily grab a position of 16 or 17 grades. This is why every single Pakistani candidate who is eligible is recommended to once must appear for this exam. Check out the further details regarding PMS completive exam.

Federal Publish Service Commission, FPSC

The Federal Public Service Commission, FPSC conducts the competitive exam to select the qualified candidates for several vacant positions at 16 or above grades. The recruitment process runs throughout the year, and on merit base, candidates are selected. Once you have the opportunity to join the federal government agencies, you will surely have a bright and successful career in the future. For better understanding, you are advised to go through the complete guide on the FPSC exams or jobs in Pakistan.

Punjab Public Service Commission, PPSC

Punjab Public Service Commission, PPSC is a government recruitment agency that takes responsibility for hiring qualified candidates for several positions of different grades for the government agencies operational in Punjab province. The test is, somehow, difficult and competitive, but candidates who pass the test can have exceptional career opportunities. Get other consultancies regarding the PPSC test in Pakistan.

University Admission Competitive Exams

Besides the competitive exams for the recruitment purpose, in Pakistan, several other competitive tests are conducted to offer the admission opportunity to deserving students. Students who want to study at the higher education level in engineering, computer science, medical, and some other subjects must pass the competitive exam first and then go through further admission steps. The following are the major competitive exams are conducted to offer students admission chances at their favorite higher educational institutes:

Medical And Dental College Admission Tests, MDCAT

MDCAT is conducted annually by the PMDC. With the help of this test, the PMDC sorts out the qualified candidates for medical higher education studies in Pakistan.

Engineering College Admission Test, ECAT

Students interested in starting their higher education career through engineering studies are required to appear for the ECAT exam. ECAT exam is conducted by the University Of Engineering And Technology, UET.

National Aptitude Test, NAT

National Amplitude Test, NAT is another evaluation or competitive test conducted to evaluate the eligibility of the candidates for bachelor’s and master’s study programs in Pakistan.

Graduate Assessment Test, GAT

Graduate Assessment Test, GAT is another competitive exam specified for students who want to pursue MS, MPhil, or Ph.D. programs. However, students who want to be law graduates in Pakistan are also asked to appear for the same test.

National Testing Service, NTS

National Testing Service, NTS is another organization responsible for conducting the entrance tests on behalf of some organizations and educational institutes. Like all other agencies, the main aim of this agency is to evaluate the eligibility of candidates to pursue higher education at different levels

Importance Of Competitive Exams/Why Students Should Attempt These Tests

Because of the following reason, one must attempt these competitive tests:

Knowledge: These tests offer students exceptional knowledge levels, including general knowledge and knowledge about a particular subject.

Improvement: By getting prepared for these competitive exams and attempting these exams, you can bring improvements in your personality and career.

Admission Opportunities: Most interested students can get the chance to start higher education in their desired programs or institutes.

Bright Career Opportunities: Candidates who pass the CSS, PMS, PPSC, FPSC, etc., can start their professional career under the supervision of the government of Pakistan and can have promising career opportunities.

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