[PICTURES] 9 times Pakistani celebrities set social media on fire with their classy bold photoshoot!

Totally owning and slaying it!


Pakistani celebrities and sizzling photoshoots – these two sure go hand in hand. But things tend to aggravate when these entertainment industry stars participate in BOLD photoshoots.

Over time, many famous personalities have caught fire for showing too much skin, striking a bold pose, or wearing a very revealing outfit. The public takes to social media to moral police these actresses and models, while these stars start to defend their actions in interviews. To make matters worse for the Pakistani entertainment industry, another bold celebrity photoshoot pops up, paving the way to a relentless cycle.

Recently, many famous Pakistani actresses and models have indulged in bold photoshoots again.

Here is a list of 9 female celebrities who weren’t afraid of showing some skin or flaunting bold poses in their latest photoshoot:

1. Rubab Ali

2. Saba Qamar

3. Saheefa Jabbar

4. Mehar Bano

5. Ushna Shah

6. Urwa Hocane

7. Ayesha Omar

8. Amna Ilyas

9. Sonya Hussyn

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  • بولڈ نہیں ننگی عورتیں
    سوشل میڈیا کو آگ لگا ہی دی تھی تو ساتھ میں
    خود بھی ‘ستی’ ہو جاتی تو…..یہ قصہ ہی ختم تھا.

  • lanat hai aisi azadi py yeh hai orat march wali ghandi larkiya jo subko eik jaisy hak dilwana chahti hai yeh hak hai k kapray hi utar do

  • عجیب قسم کا نیوز چینل ہے جب کچھ نہیں ملتا تو ایسے واہیات قسم کی خبریں نشر ہوتی ہیں۔
    اگر ایسا ہی چلا میں ان فولو کر دونگا۔

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