Complete Guide: How to get home appliances on installments in Pakistan

Technological innovation has made our lives easier, better, and more fun. From smart security systems and speakers to lighting and TVs, these connected devices have improved our home’s productivity. Integrating smart home products and systems has also provided people invaluable peace of mind.

All these benefits explain why people are so inclined to buy the latest technology for their homes. However, buying home appliances can be expensive. But does that mean you don’t purchase any for yourself? Nowadays, several businesses and companies have launched easy installments for people to buy home appliances in Pakistan. Here is a list of some installment plans you can use today to buy the technology your heart desires:

1. AysaOnline

If you are looking for a way to purchase high-end home appliances without breaking the bank, you may be wondering where to get them on installment in Pakistan. Aysonline offers several payment options, such as three-month, four-month, and even 6-month plans. The best part is that they offer zero percent markup and fast delivery in Pakistan, so there is no reason to wait for the appliance to arrive at your door.

You will find a wide range of LED TV, microwave ovens, refrigerators, deep freezers, cooking ranges, washing machines, baking ovens, vacuum cleaners, and more at this store. For air conditioners, they have Gree, Orient, Hisense, and Dawlance Inverter AC on installment. Whether you are looking for an air conditioning unit, a dishwasher, or a new TV, Aysonline is the place to go!

Aysonline has multiple outlets in Pakistan. Their employees are highly educated and qualified to assist with any home appliance purchase. If you are interested in purchasing home appliances on installment, you can start your search by visiting website. If you are looking for a kitchen or a new TV, you will find plenty of options. The best choice is to choose an appliance with the most features at an affordable price.

2. Surmawala

Surmawala electronics pioneers the concept of easy-to-play installment plans, enabling consumers on a budget to buy necessary goods without worrying about tanking their savings or acquiring loans. Surmawala is one of the very few online stores in Pakistan that deal with genuine products and sell them at original prices.

Whenever consumers think of buying products on installments or leases, the first thing that always pops up in our mind is long forms and hours of confirmation procedures. Surmawala has gotten rid of all of these extra and unnecessary steps by cutting to the chase and requiring the least number of documents and procedures to get a hold of your phone or appliance as soon as possible. Moreover, by registering yourself on their website and setting up an easy installment account, you can purchase several things at once on installment plans without submitting documents every time.

Surmawala’s journey of more than 30 years has been built on customer-friendly packages and offers that allow low-income households to get electronics and other household items at a minimum cost. Surmawala has set the bar high for Electronics and Home Appliances by providing the largest franchise network and user-friendly online shopping platform for its customers in Pakistan.

3. AlFatah

Al-Fatah Electronics, a project of the Al-Fatah Group, started its journey in 1981. The company offers a broad range of home appliances, including microwave ovens, water dispensers, air conditioners, electric geysers, etc. They have been serving their valuable customers for more than three decades. The company believes in enhancing the lifestyle of the people by providing the best home appliances products from prominent brands.

Al-Fatah Electronics is among the top five home appliance retailers in Pakistan. They deal with more than 30 renowned brands involving local and imported products. There are a few terms and conditions of the installment:

  • Any product amount above Rs 14000 can be Leased.
  • Verification is usually done within one working day.
  • 2 Guarantors are required
  • If the amount is greater than 100,000 guarantor’s cheque will also be required
  • Application is free
  • Al-Fatah has the right to dismiss an application without telling the buyer the reason
  • Post Dated Cheque from the buyer will be required in the name of Al-Fatah Electronics
  • Products can be bought in 3, 6, or 12 installments

4. M&S Electronics

M&S Electronics displays a wide variety of Kitchen appliances, DC Inverters, T3 DC Inverters, 4K TV, and Automatic Washing Machines that you can purchase in easy installments. They only deal in buy-on easy installments with 0% markup.

The process is easy. Simply go to, choose your required product, and slide towards checkout. There, you will find payment options, which will give you the effect on a 3, 4, to 6 months lease. You will find two online leasing platforms, KalPay and QisstPay, at checkout. First, you have to sign up for any leasing platform, KalPay or QisstPay, whichever you want to buy from.

5. Lahore Center

Lahore Centre is a Sole Proprietorship established by Sheikh Tahir Mehmood in 1982. They believe in providing High-Quality services and Excellent After-Sales services. They strongly believe that once the customer is satisfied, they are satisfied, so they offer easy installment plans for purchasing home appliances. Some rules and regulations they follow for installments are:

  • Any product amount above Rs 10,000 can be Leased.
  • Applying for installments is free.
  • A guarantee of one friend or relative must be submitted.
  • Lahore Centre has a right to reject any application without telling any reason.
  • Verification in one working day and next day delivery.
  • If the amount exceeds Rs. 100,000 a cheque from a guarantee Bank Account could be asked.
  • Lahore Centre will take postdated cheques from customer Bank Accounts of total amounts by the name of “Lahore Leasing”.
  • A lease can be planned from 3 to 12 months.

6. AlfaMall

AlfaMall is Bank Alfalah’s e-marketplace platform for merchants and customers, a first-of-its-kind platform by a bank in Pakistan. AlfaMall is a complete online shopping solution that enables Bank Alfalah Customers to use their accounts, wallets, Credit cards, or Orbit Points to securely pay for their shopping for thousands of products/services available at the best prices.

This platform also provides access to Merchants to sell their products and services online through the platform on easy SBS installments or EMI featuring 0% markup, no hidden charges, and no processing fee. Credit card customers can purchase products in easy monthly installments of up to 18 months.

7. Winstore is a premier online shopping place in Pakistan where you can find millions of products under one roof. In this technology-driven era, their ultimate objective is to be the leader and trendsetter in Pakistan’s e-commerce industry.

At you can get millions of products at amazing prices. Their superstore contains daily use grocery items such as dairy products, beverages, locally and organically produced fruits, vegetables, and pulses. Their megastore features products from the best national and international brands, including Apple, LG, Haier, Samsung, etc. They offer a wide range of electronic products ranging from mobile phones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, and wearable gadgets.

BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) / Ijarah is a shariah-compliant flexible financing option that allows you to pay easy monthly installments for an item instead of everything upfront. Instead of one big payment, you can pay smaller payments to ease a high-ticket item’s burden. Application criteria features:

  • Bank Account (Mandatory)
  • Installment Agreement on Stamp Paper.
  • Proof of Income (Salary document, Bank statement)
  • 2 Guarantee Required (1 Colleague & 1 Shopkeeper is preferred from the Same area)
  • 2 Installments as advance for Electronics/other items & 25% of MRP for Bikes.
  • Guarantee Cheque of the total amount of product (inclusive of markup)
  • Utility Bill’s Copy

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