[GUIDE] Learn how to get ‘Computerized Driving License’ in Lahore

This will end long queues for multiple hours to obtain or renew the driving license.

A computerized driving licensing system has been launched in Lahore.

Recently, Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Lahore Captain (r) Hammad Abid shared that the Lahore Traffic Police have upgraded the Driving Licensing system. According to reports, citizens can now easily acquire a license via a Computerized Driving License system. Talking to the media, the CTO said:

The new system would make the whole process very quick. This will end long queues for multiple hours to obtain or renew the driving license.

He further added:

We have three centers in Lahore; one is in Manawaan, the second is in Arfa Karim Tower, while the third one is in DHA Lahore. The police have upgraded the DHA center with the help of PITB, and now the whole process is digitalized.

Here’s how you can obtain a computerized driving license in Lahore.

How can you obtain a license via the new Computerized Driving License system?

As per the Lahore Traffic Police, there are two phases of acquiring a driving license. Here is how a candidate can obtain a driving license:


  • The center will allot a token number to the candidate.
  • The candidate must visit the center as per the token number for a picture.
  • The candidate must sit for a computerized multiple-choice and theoretical test.


  • The candidate must take an on-road Driving Test.
  • After passing the test, the candidate would get his/her new Driving License.
  • If the candidate fails the test, he/she could retake the test after 42 days.

While talking about the process, the CTO said:

Earlier the test was manual and challenging, but now the police have made it very easy so that more and more people earn their licenses. The applicant only has to obtain 50% marks in the computerized test.

The officials praised the new licensing system and said:

The test would end the ‘VIP culture’ as there will be no line or wait. Also, the computer would give the numbers on merit, and no one can change the result, hence, a transparent system.

The officials further added:

It would be easier now to get a driving license. In short, a great initiative by Lahore Traffic Police.

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  • Over here in Karachi, I’ve been trying since November 2020 to just renew my license, buth Sindh Traffic Police Website opens up at 11AM sharp and hangs, and after 10 minutes all slots for current and next day gets allotted to i don’t know whom.
    Still trying to get a token number.
    Irony is , my license is expired in december but traffic police won’t take this website issue as excuse for expired license, they just hand out challan.

  • I’m here in lahore from last 13 years but having domicile of kpk..when i visited one of thr centres they told me that i need to visit my hometown for liscence purpose or I should change my address on CNIC. I’m unable to understand that logic that I’m resident of lahore, i only visit my hometown in holidays so I’m driving here in lhr from last one year without liscence.The system trying its best to make you corrupt.in the end i would req CTO LHR to please make some options for outsiders !!

    • Kashif, The advise you had is correct that you should change the address on your CNIC. There are two addresses permanent and present. Change your present address to your Lahore one as this is also a legal requirement since you have been living in Lahore presently.

      Hope this helps.

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