Constantly Receiving Threats, Coke Studio Guitarist Is Scared For His Life

Imran Akhoond, Coke Studio guitarist, is scared for his life as he is constantly receiving death threats. This has gotten to a point where he can’t even leave his home and has completely stopped going to live gigs over fears regarding his safety.

His ordeal started two months ago when he was travelling along with his wife and younger daughter, driving off to Buffer Zone at 5 am. He was going to offer his condolences because of a death in the family. The moment he stepped out of the car, two men appeared, pushing him back in the car and holding the family at gunpoint. The armed men threatened him to stop playing music because it is haram. They also accused him of working with a Jewish company.

“What you are doing is Haraam and against the spirit of Islam. The music you play on TV is backed by Jewish companies and that is also forbidden. I hope you understand what we are trying to tell you.” – said the two men.

Ever since the encounter, Imran does not leave his house alone. He either takes a Careem or travels with a friend. The incident took place on 16th January in Buffer Zone while Imran lives in Gulshan e Iqbal. He, after four days, registered a complaint in Taimuria Police Station and despite his repeated request, FIR was not registered.

”Fifteen days later they [police] called me and asked, ‘what should we do with your complaint’ and I told them, ‘it’s not my job to find out who did it.” – said Imran.

The police have so far taken no action. When a local reporting outlet approached Central Zone SSP Arif Aslam Rao, he was completely unaware of the incident. The police only told him to be careful and that’s it. Out of fear, he has completely stopped going out on live performances, taking a negative toll on his career.

“My family and I are scared to death. The threat was clearly aimed at the profession I have been involved with for the past two decades,……This is a matter of my bread and butter. I can’t drive around with my instruments, I have been recording from home as much as I can but there has to be a way out for an artist in this country.” – he said. 

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