PM approves establishment of ‘Construction and Infrastructure’ board to address problems of constructors

PM Khan asked his secretary for planning to make a contraction and development policy that can facilitate every stakeholder.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, just yesterday, approved the establishment of a new ‘Construction and Infrastructure’ board, that will be exclusively addressing all the problems that constructors are facing.

PM Khan asked his secretary for planning to make a contraction and development policy that can facilitate every stakeholder – from the consultants to the clients and the contractors as well.

Prime Minister Imran Khan called on a delegation of Pakistan’s Construction Consortium, which is led by Arshad Dad Khan, an engineer. Asad Umar, Minister for Planning, also attended the conference.

Other than that, the current government is said to be focusing on implementing new technology and switching everything to digital to minimize the human interface, ensure translucency, and alleviate corruption in the business sector.

The delegation of the Construction Association of Pakistan included Kamal Nasir (engineer), Asad Ullah Khan, Attah Ullah Khan (engineer), Ayub Sheikh, Chaudhry Habib Kanwal, Aftab Siddiqui, Ikram Chaudhry, and Yaqoob Izhar.

Imran Khan working to improve construction zone:

The vision of Imran Khan for improving the construction zone of the country was appreciated a lot by the construction delegation. They also applauded the efforts of the government for creating inexpensive housing and meeting the current demands of the country.

The delegation briefed PM Khan about all the issues the contractors are presently facing as well as proposed a number of steps to cater to them. They included setting up a new procurement ombudsman, establishing a board of construction and infrastructure, the building of the construction industry in the country, reviewing the tax system, revisiting the procedures of audit and law, and more.

Their suggestions were not only welcomed the Prime Minister, but he also praised the present government and their commitment to providing an encouraging environment to the construction sector of the country.

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  • I’m so thrilled to see the long established the backbone of an economy is finally addressed with full force. You can’t express gratitude in words seeing and dehydrated and left-to-die patient get attention, medication, care and nutrition.

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