Consumer Court: How To File a Complaint To Get Your Money Back For Faulty Product

It goes without saying that majority of us have been victims of online shopping fraud at least once in our lives. Online shopping has made things a lot easier, however, it has its own risks.

Sometimes, the sellers advertise one thing and then send you another or the quality of the product isn’t what had been promised. Furthermore, even if you buy something from your local market, there are chances it might turn out to be defective after some time.

There are a lot of people who don’t know that you can take sellers who sell faulty products to the court and get your money back. These courts are known as consumer courts.

In this article, we will explain how you can file a complaint at the consumer court.

Step 1: 15 Days Legal Notice to Service Provider

Before going to the court, the consumer is required to file a 15 days legal notice on a plain paper to the service provider of the faulty product. If the complaint is genuine, the service provider must pay damages to the consumer within 15 days of receipt of legal notice.

Serving a 15 days legal notice is must before approaching the court. There is a time limit of 30 days (from arising of cause of action) for filing a complaint in court.

Step 2: Filing a Case at the Consumer Court

If the matter is not resolved through legal notice, then the consumer should file a case against the seller on a plain paper with a copy of CNIC, receipt, and proof of the product within the next 15 days. There is no need to hire a lawyer as you can just file a complaint on a plain paper. Furthermore, there is no fee involved in the entire process.

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  • Very limited info provided in the article…

    How to send legal notice on plain paper?
    Will we inform court before sending the notice?
    The seller won’t receive any notice on plain paper.

    Where are consumer court?
    Their website, address etc.

    Provide complete info

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