Contrary to The First, Mohammad Hafeez’s Second Test for Covid-19 Came Out Negative

Recently, veteran all-rounder, Mohammed Hafeez, underwent a private test for Covid-19. To his surprise, the test declared that he had not contracted the coronavirus.

Hafeez\\’s private test result was surprising as, not long ago, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) tested all the cricket players (including Hafeez) for Covid-19. On Tuesday, the results came out for PCB\\’s coronavirus test and concluded that Mohammad Hafeez, along with ten other cricket players, had tested positive for the virus.

The PCB\\’s test result took the cricket players by surprise, as none of them had experienced any Covid-19 symptoms before this. This doubt might have urged Mohammad Hafeez to undergo another test for the virus, which resulted in disbelief as his private test came out negative.

Testing positive for Covid-19 can put the future of the England series in doubt. In this regard, the incident raises many questions. The most significant question mark is placed on the PCB\\’s professionalism and whether the results are authentic or not.

Moreover, doubts prevail on the accuracy of Covid-19 testing in Pakistan. These doubts make many people suspect that Mohammad Hafeez\\’s private test could be a false negative.

The uncertainty looming over the authenticity of coronavirus testing kits in the country prompted the cricketing fraternity to ask for re-testing of all the cricket players. Later this week, the entire cricket team, comprising 29 members, will undergo another round of coronavirus testing before the cricket players depart for England on Sunday, 28th June.

Moreover, to be on the safe side, PCB has advised the alleged Covid-19 positive cricketers to self-isolate for two weeks. Furthermore, it has been decided that only the cricketers that test negative for Covid-19 will travel to Manchester via a specially chartered flight.

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