Coronavirus: Maria B and Husband’s Negligence Puts Hundreds at Risk

Popular fashion designer Maria B and her husband might have put the lives of hundreds of people at risk after they sent their Covid-19 positive cook away to his village.

According to details, the renowned fashion designer’s cook, Omer Farooq, tested positive for the coronavirus. Instead of informing the concerned authorities, both the husband and wife decided to send him to his village in Vihari, Punjab.

According to sources, Omer Farooq changed a couple of buses on his way to his destination. Despite being Covid-19 positive, the cook mingled with other passengers and met his family members.

The health authorities later on arrested Farooq with the help of Local police and put him in an isolation ward.

Today, a video of Maria B went viral on the internet where she is explaining how her husband was taken by the police into custody at midnight. However, the famous desinger didn’t reveal their criminal negligence.

”This is an appeal to Prime Minister Imran Khan: Last night my house was raided by police men as if I was the biggest drug mafia don in Lahore, with guns.

They took away my husband and they told him that there’s an FIR registered against him and arrested him without a lawyer. They didn’t even wait for the lawyer to come, at 12:30 in the night. Nobody was up, we tried calling so many people but nobody was up,” she said.

“They did this in the middle of the night, why? And the way they were rude to us, they wouldn’t listen and they kept calling us the culprits. Why? We are the ones who are suffering, we’re the ones whose tests are coming out positive anytime now – my entire family. And we are the one who are the culprits? And we are here to be arrested? Is this the kind of system we have in Punjab,” she added.


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  • Her hunsband must punished and at least he should be fined upto Rs.50 Million.

  • She is trying to play smart, she should first of all accept the gross negligence exercised by her husband. In the current situation of the panademic they should act responsibly and should be apologetic

  • If you have been In Italy, you would have been in jail for 21 years. This is the punishment for what you have done ( risking other people’s lives)

  • Arrest is ok but attitude should be polite. Those educated people done this, then what will expect non educated people.

  • They both have no sense of responsibility.. what the hell they have done..they both should be punished for this .

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