From only 4 Coronavirus cases in February to nearly 1800 deaths: What actually happened in Italy?

What lesson can Pakistan learn from Italy?


Italy reported its first two cases of the novel COVID19 on the 30th of January. On 21st February, the number of cases gradually increased to four.

However, there was a sudden spike in cases as from four on the past day, the number of cases increased to 22 on the very next day.

And then, the situation went completely out of hand.


  • 23 Feb (79)
  • 24 Feb (150)
  • 26 Feb (400)
  • 28 Feb (888)
  • 01 Mar (1577)
  • 03 Mar (2263)
  • 05 Mar (3858)
  • 06 Mar (4636)
  • 08 Mar (7375 – 366 deaths – Clampdown of northern Italy 16 million people)
  • 09 Mar (9172 – 463 deaths – Countrywide lockdown)
  • 10 Mar (10149 – 631 deaths)
  • 11 Mar (12462 – 827 deaths)
  • 13 Mar (15000 -1400 deaths).Source: EUObserver

    What really happened in Italy?

    * One of the main reasons is said to be the delay in enforcing restrictions in Italy. After China, now it is a full-blown epidemic there. It is moving to other European countries as the World Health Organization (WHO) warns. This is the third stage of crisis in Italy & Europe and the second stage in the USA.

    * In India and Pakistan, we are passing through the first stage and the second stage is very near. China has shown the way to the world. This epidemic can only be controlled by precautions as there is no medicine available.

    Next 30 days are very crucial. We must follow the precautions and remain at home as much as possible. Just like SARS, the virus can only be beaten

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