Peshawar: In another case of honor killing, couple shot dead for marrying by choice

Their bullet-riddled bodies were found in Peshawar’s Bara River.


In a bone-chilling incident of honor killing, the police have found dead bodies of a couple in the provincial capital Peshawar. The bullet-riddled bodies were found in Peshawar’s Bara River on Sunday. As the sources report, the couple had eloped and pursued the marriage of choice against the will of their families.

The family had recently called both to ‘reconcile the matter’. However, after that, the duo was killed and the bodies were thrown into the river. According to the police, both families had shown reluctance in filing a case. But a case has been filed in Chamkani police station against unknown culprits, while the investigation has been started.

Speaking to a local news source, SSP Operations Peshawar Zahoor Baber Afridi said that the case looks like an incident of apparent honor killing. While this looks like the most plausible reason for the murder, the police is also considering other factors and possibilities as well.

“We are not ruling out any other possibility in the matter,” he said.

Nephew kills aunt and uncle for ‘honour’ in Hyderabad:

Previously, a man and his sister-in-law were murdered in Thatta district, in a village named Sher Muhammad Chandio. Culprit Abdul Kareem Chandio killed his 35 years old uncle Muhammad Essa Chandio, and 31 years old Ameena Chandio, who was also the wife of his other uncle. He confessed that he killed both to restore honor.

According to official figures, 78 people have been killed for honor between January to June 2019 in different parts of Sindh only. 65 cases have been registered. However, more than 90 percent of cases are still pending in trials because of the police proble not reaching to any conclusion.

“Total 65 FIRs have been registered in different parts of Sindh for honor killings and charge sheets in 60 cases filed. Some 57 cases are still pending with no conviction in any case. However, three people have been acquitted during the process. In most cases, the suspects are close relatives of the victims”.

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