As COVID-19 grips India, rich Indians flee the country on their luxurious private jets

This desire to escape the country has increased the demand for private jets, and fares are on the rise.

Death is stalking Covid – hit India like the grim reaper while the cries of the dying are being lost to the wind. Ever since the triple mutant strain of Covid-19 hit India, the country has been in turmoil. While the poor are becoming prey to the virus, wealthy and affluent Indians are looking to flee India to escape the deadly new coronavirus strain.

This desire to escape the country has increased the demand for private jets, and fares are on the rise. However, United Arab Emirates (UAE) has decided to suspend flights from India. Indians who want to leave the country have time till Sunday to travel to UAE.

Rising fares for Air Travel

The online price for one-way fare has increased almost ten times in India. According to sources, flights from Mumbai to Dubai will cost as much as 80,000 Indian Rupees ($1,400). Tickets for the New Delhi to Dubai route are already priced at more than 50,000 rupees – five times more than the average rate.

A spokesperson for a charter company commented on the incredibly high fare for private jets and said:

We have requested more aircraft from abroad to meet the demand. It costs $38,000 to $50,000 to hire a 13-seater jet from Mumbai to Dubai and US$31,000 to hire a six-seater aircraft.

Explaining the situation further, he said:

People are forming groups and arranging to share our jets to acquire a seat. We’ve had some queries for Thailand, but the major demand is for Dubai.

The sale of these air tickets for the UAE will end on Sunday when the 10-day flight suspension comes into force.

Impact of migrating Indians on the UAE

The latest figures state that the UAE is home to around 3.3 million Indians; these numbers account for a third of Dubai’s total population. Now that more Indians are travelling to Dubai, the numbers may increase further. The UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority has ordered 14 days of quarantine for the individuals coming from India.

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