COVID-19 Positive News: Jhelum’s isolation centers now empty as patients return home

Jhelum defeats COVID-19 prowl as the number of patients were restricted to 62.

Men wear protective masks as a preventive measure against coronavirus, as they stand outside the Isolation Ward at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in Islamabad, Pakistan March 15, 2020. REUTERS/Waseem Khan


While the COVID-19 situation in Pakistan continues to worsen painting a grim picture, there is some good news! After 62 cases, the novel coronavirus has halted in Punjab’s Jhelum, where isolation centers are now empty.

After completing their quarantine periods, the patients have now safely returned to their homes. Two of the three isolation centers are now completely empty, with no new patients coming in.

The officials said that the majority of the recovered patients are now back to their homes, while the remaining ones in the only active quarantine center have nearly recovered as well.

Jhelum has, so far, seen three deaths from COVID-19, where a patient named Raja Amjad was the latest causality. The biggest upset in the city’s coronavirus situation was an expatriate, who came to his home, tested positive for the virus and unknowingly transmitted it to 14 people.

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  • That’s because people are too terrified of coming forward….. they worry of being out down!

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