Is COVID-19 ‘third wave’ expected? Here’s what experts are predicting about Asia and Europe

Asia did not relax restrictions prematurely; however, Europe's reaction was inadequate.

  • The WHO’s special COVID-19 envoy, David Nabarro, has slammed Europe’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Nabarro said European countries failed to take advantage of a summer hiatus in cases to prepare for the next wave.

COVID-19 third wave
WHO special COVID-19 representative David Nabarro.

The World Health Organization’s special COVID-19 representative, David Nabarro, has said that Europe would likely see a third wave of the deadly coronavirus after Christmas.

Nabarro said, “European countries missed developing the necessary infrastructure during the summer months after they brought the first wave under control. Now we have the second wave. If they do not build the necessary framework, we will have a third wave early next year.”

Europe should learn from Asia

He added, “Europe should learn from Asian countries. One has to respond quickly to the virus, robustly and decisively. Particularly in the beginning, when the infection is still spreading very slowly in various communities. If you react without any real effort, the problem will get bigger.”

Recently, the World Economic Forum celebrated ‘Pakistan Strategy Day’ to acknowledge Pakistan’s successful Covid-19 response after it became the country least affected by the epidemic in terms of economy.

Europe temporarily enjoyed declining infection rates during the summer, but they are now surging again.  A major problem, Nabarro added, was that only a few political decision-makers understood that the infection was spreading exponentially rather than arithmetically.

He said, “Exponential spreading means the numbers could increase 8 times in a week, 40 times during two weeks, 300 times in three weeks, and 1,000 times in four weeks, and so on.”

Meanwhile, in Asia, countries including Japan and South Korea have comparatively low number of cases because “people are fully involved, they take on ways that make it difficult for the disease to spread,” said Nabarro.

“They maintain their distance, wear masks, isolate when they are infected, wash hands, and surfaces. They protect the most exposed societies.”

The representative also said Asia did not relax restrictions prematurely; however, Europe’s reaction was inadequate. “You must wait until cases are low and stay low,” he said.

He also appreciated the communication strategies of Asian authorities. “They just have one message that if we want our economy to be stable and keep our freedoms, we all need to stick to some fundamental things.”

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  • This will probably be the most lethal Christmas and new year for both Europe and America.

  • I have serious doubts that the third wave of corona will ever come but I am a hundred percent positive that the fourth wave of corona will be very lethal and it will come with full might. 🙂

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