Resilience Index: List of 53 countries ranked from best to worst as the new COVID-19 variant Omicron strikes

According to reports, Omicron was first reported to the World Health Organisation in South Africa a week ago.

Will the world ever get used to the Covid-19 pandemic if new variants keep emerging now and then? According to sources, the latest variant of the Coronavirus – Omicron – has sparked worries worldwide. Researchers claim that there’s a significant change the new variant could resist vaccinations and prolong the nearly two-year-old Covid-19 pandemic.

The journey of Omicron

According to reports, Omicron was first reported to the World Health Organisation in South Africa a week ago. Since then, the variant has spread rapidly across the globe. To control the spread, borders are shutting down, and dozens of countries are rolling out travel restrictions.

Much is still unknown about the Omicron variant; it could take weeks to determine whether and to what extent it is vaccine-resistant. However, one thing is for sure: the global fight against Covid-19 is far from over.

The effect of Omicron

Omicron has taken the world back to square 1. While nations with low vaccination rates are scared for their lives, nations with high vaccination rates aren’t safe too. Both types are struggling to contain the rising infection numbers and striving to prevent health services from being overwhelmed.

The government has once again shared a strict list of SOPs. Countries in Western Europe are actively reintroducing mandatory mask-wearing, social-distancing measures, curfews, and lockdowns — leaving businesses fearing another grim period. Britain has set a target of delivering third vaccination jabs to all adults within two months.

In a travel advisory, the WHO has warned that blanket travel bans will not prevent the spread of Omicron but ultimately dissuade countries from sharing data about the evolving virus. The authorities further shared that “blanket” travel bans risked doing more harm than good.

List of Countries considered Worst and Best

In the light of the new variant’s emergence, Bloomberg has put together a list of countries ranking them from best to worst during winters. The list has been created using a “Covid Resilience Ranking,” which analyses monthly data from the world’s 53 leading economies. It tracks where the virus is being handled the most effectively with the least social and economic upheaval. Sources state that 12 data indicators, including virus containment, healthcare quality, vaccination coverage, overall mortality, progress toward restarting travel, and more, have been observed to compile the list.

Here is a list of 53 countries ranked from best to worst during the Covid-19 winter season:

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